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we will have coverage of both of those stores all morning. we begin with a check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey is live in ocean city tracking hurricane earl. steve rudin has what we can home. an tallmt >> the holiday weekend looks great after we get this hurricane alex. much dry and cool conditions on the lake. temperatures outside, 69 in fairfax, 72 in winchester, for 63 in cumberland. abreu left side of the screen is a cold front that will push hurricane earl away from the mid-atlantic. 68-74 degrees at the bus stop. high temperatures in the low 90's today. you need to take in a toilet. 270 southbound is suffering under frederick to get to hyattstown. an accident resulted as a result of a police chase.
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southbound drivers are distracted. out of damascus, md. there was a big crash that has 27 ridge road closed at bethesda church road. out of southeast d.c., of pennsylvania avenue onto the westbound freeway and into virginia, stalled vehicles, there's an accident after main avenue, and i will show you the crash near the exit for 110, southbound on 395, notice the accident, traffic getting guide to the left. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, police searched through the night for explosives that may have been left behind by and gunman who took three people hostage at the discovery channel building. he was shot and killed by police. the hostages are safe this morning, but there are still many questions. brianne carter is not the
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discovery channel headquarters in downtown silver spring. good morning, what can you tell us today? >> officers say that the gunman acted alone. james j. lee was well-known at discovering. a longtime protester who was upset with their programming. four hours , james j. lee held three men hostage inside the discovery channel building, beginning 1:00 yesterday afternoon when he locked into the main lobby with a handgun, a metal canisters strapped to his body, carrying a backpack and boxes believed to be explosive devices. he fired a shot and told everyone to stay put. if an hour later the officers began negotiating with him on the phone until 5:00 p.m. when he threatened a hostage. police snipers pulled the trigger. >> hart tactical units moved in at that point and shot the
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suspect. -- our tactical units. >> workers were told to evacuate or to hide. those working your 900 down as well. >> it was scary. >> lee was the only casualty, but police still took action after hearing this boom. several loud booms word and a bomb squad disrupted the devices that he brought into the building. back out of here alive, police are in front of discovery headquarters. they have cleared the building, but if will remain on the scene and will remain in control of the main lobby several hours.
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ew did turn upcrui some things, but are not talking. >> we have received a statement from one of three hostages held inside discuss rebuilding. jim wants to dance the adamec county police and all agencies that responded for helping to ensure the safety of his colleagues. new details and deguzman, james j. lee was shot and killed after hours of negotiations with police -- new details about the gunman. >> we are learning more about him through his writings on the internet. on his myspace page, there was a picture with a caption that said, "i am ready to do something." we don't know if that is directly related to what happened yesterday. we understand he was worried
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about the environment and overpopulation, saying discovery programs cosmology than good. your demands for the discovery channel, saying nothing is more important than saving "lions, tigers, and giraffes, elephants. the planet does not need human beings." after 2008 he was at this building, arrested for disorderly conduct after throwing fistfuls of cash into the airport. afterwards, the 40-year-old was ordered to stay five a hundred feet away as part of probation. that order was lifted two weeks ago. we are learning this morning some details of what may have happened inside. according to another news organization, a producer called the discovery headquarters and a man identifying himself as james j. lee was answering the phone, petco he had a gun and several
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bombs -- saying he had a gun and several bombs. brianne carter reporting. some of the most emotional images during the standoff, a young children from the day care center at discovery being wheeled to safety. they were rushed across the street to a mcdonald's and then taken to an apartment complex. one worker was released to be reunited with his young son. >> i was anxious at first because they ran a solid of the building, but they got to the kids out safely in a very good manner. i cannot commend them enough. >> the discovery channel develop its evacuation plan shortly after 9/11 have and practice it every year. a half-dozen employees volunteered to stay behind yesterday to help police and hostage negotiators.
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>stay with us all morning for continuing coverage. arkansas the big story of the day, the latest on hurricane earl. the east coast is getting ready as that stormless north. virginia, maryland, and n.c. are under states of emergency. federal disaster officials are moving emergency teams and supplies as a precaution. people are being told to leave some areas and just before the start of the labor day weekend. >> we have live team coverage of the storm with adam caskey live in ocean city with details. you told us earlier that it has intensified. >> a little. the overnight it intensified. maximum sustained winds of 145 miles an hour, still category 4. we are at the inlet in ocean city. the waves have been up to four feet at times.
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we are approaching. -- we are approaching laow tide. -breakers will be seen. we could see waves of 11 feet breaking at the shore. in the atlantic waves of 16 feet not far off shore. maximum sustained winds of 145 miles an hour right now. there's a hurricane watch in ocean city and delmarva. we anticipate tropical storm force conditions. there is a tropical storm warning in effect. later tonight through most of the day tomorrow, wind gusts of up to 50 miles an hour. rainsqualls off and on stunning a sunset tonight and up to about two inches of rain from that. back to you. >> thank you. when we return, the gender
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gap could be closing. and the report signals a major shift, but it comes with strings attached. we will explain. could it be the first step towards peace in the middle east? another check on traffic and weather
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69 degrees in fairfax, 68 in leesburg. 68 in frederick, maryland. the satellite and radar is quiet
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and drive across the immediate metro. hurricane earl continues to move toward the north and east. low 90's for the high temperatures this afternoon under mostly sunny skies tonight, mid to upper 60's. or low 70's. traffic right after this. coming out of southeast d.c., pennsylvania avenue going south into virginia, coming off the susan bridge, several lanes are open, but several people have experienced flat tires. there's a crash on the westbound freeway after main avenue. there's a crash south on 395 in virginia tried to access in virginiafor 110.
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northbound 395 is pretty typical from the belt way to the pentagon and beyond to the 14th street bridge. there is a head-on crash in damascus, md., traffic is now labeled to get through on 27 ridge road at bethesda church road. back to you. >> thank you. 74 degrees on this thursday morning. stocks exhort our in september. we will see if this rally can last. an ambitious timeline toward mideast peace. live and ocean city, the latest on the progres
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the discovery channel situation is one of our big
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story is. the other big story is hurricane earl earthlink east coast with winds of 140 miles an hour or more. >> people in ocean city are bracing. chris van cleve is there with all the details. what is the latest? >> it is still a category 4, 145 maximum sustained winds. it is still a big storm. tropical storm force winds will extend as far as 230 miles from the center of the storm. some of the clouds are parts of the order edges of carol. -- of earl. before sunrise this morning it is clear ocean city is bracing for its arrival. buildings along the beach have storm shutters down. warnings are going up. if states of emergency in north carolina, virginia, maryland. >> friday's gold to be a lousy day to be driving around.
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-- friday is going to be a lousy day to drive around. consider delaying your arrival to ocean city. >> the recurrence are knocking people over at ocean city. currents are knocking people over. >> it has ruined our summer vacation because we were told to leave. >> you better be ready. you better have a guest in your truck and have supplies. >> in addition to what we are expected to be tropical storm force winds, we expect very high surf and the continuous dangerous fog rip currents.
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there's a swimming advisories in effect. tropical storm warning, hurricane watches and warnings extend all the way from the carolinas to canada as earl is a zoning in on our region. we will feel the effect into the overnight dollar tonight and certainly tomorrow. chris van cleve reporting from ocean city. looking at the day ahead, business as usual at the dmv in virginia today. computer problems plagued the agency for weak -- week. there will be extra staff members to deal with the back of today and tomorrow. open until 6:00. the maryland public service commission will hold another public hearing on pepco beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the theater of prince george's morago.ty college in l
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the government's point man on bp is telling the public that there will be no significant oil leaking when they removed the cap. is really an and palestinian leaders will sit down for their first face-to-face talks in two years. president obama is cautiously hopeful the middle east leaders can resolve their differences. sep gets off to a good start and facebook gets its own gift card. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> good morning. we begin with the stock market starting september with a bang. the dow jones sword 255 on wednesday, its best day in two months. better than expected reports on manufacturing in the u.s. and in china snapped a string of discouraging economic data. fed chairman ben bernanke
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appears before a panel today investigating crude causes of the financial crisis. he will give his take on a meltdown and potential risks of banks considered too big to fail. the maker of botox has agreed to pay $600 million to settle federal charges it illegally promoted the drug. the company's marketing lead doctors to approve it for headaches and pain. facebook is going to have virtual and additions. beaches. get to the adam caskey is standing by. it is beautiful behind you. the sky is gorgeous. >> it is going to be pretty nice day. it will fall hard later on
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tonight especially around the time. wind gusts at that time and you rainsqualls coming onshore. right now we have high, thin clouds flowing out and over the hurricane, making for a sunrise.l run ris that is what you normally see before a hurricane. this is a category 4 storm, a major hurricane. it intensified a little this morning. maximum sustained winds of 145 with higher gusts. attract 0 -- the track still takes its offshore. we will experience tropical storm force conditions. as a tropical storm warning in effect tonight and most of the day tomorrow. tropical storm winds extend out
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230 miles from the center of the store. hurricane winds are 90 miles out from the center of this storm. rainsqualls will begin moving on shore off and on later today and through the first half of tomorrow. with that will be wind gusts sustained at 30 miles an hour or later. gusting to 60 miles an hour. we cannot rule out of you-and gusts up to 74 miles an hour. -- we cannot with a few. the outer banks have a much higher chance of seeing a hurricane. that is why they have better retain morning. two inches of rain anticipated in ocean city. a lot more updates throughout the morning. the beaches look fantastic this weekend, just some travel problems on friday. >> looks like a fine start to this thursday. 71 degrees in alexandria, 73 in
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upper northwest d.c., 68 inouye winton with comfortable dew point levels. high temperatures in the low 90s this afternoon. near 90 tomorrow. cooler and drier on the upcoming weekend. let's look at the rush hour commute. 270 northbound is open after 109. police activity gone. it will take awhile for traffic to settle down. southbound out of frederick, nothing to watch anymore. 355 was backed up through urbana getting into hyattstown. georgia avenue, 97 southbound, a popular alternate route, at the golf course, some gravel spilled across all lanes. 395 in virginia, there was a crash, northbound traffic slowing, looks good to the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. 6:22 on this thursday, 73
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degrees. >> coming up, a big step forward for women in the workplace, but not all of them. there's a new gender gap study. >> today on "oprah," fashion expert tim gunn making over men, today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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menus to make more than women. >> the new census data shows unmarried women under the age of 30 make 8% more now than men. the reason can be found in any college classroom. for every two men graduating from college today, three women do. college graduates earned $30,000 more than high school graduates. >> i think that is fantastic. i will raise my prices even more. that is part of the reason i charged what i charge. >> women older than 30 and married women still make less than men. experts say men tend to work more hours than women and women tend to take time off for childbirth for to take care of aging parents. >> i guess the disparity always exists. >> trying to find that balance.
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>> not easy. >> still another half hour ahead. >> we will go back to silver spring for the latest in a deadly hostage standoff at the discovery building. >> i am steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center in. a beautiful morning. temperatures in the low 90's today. low 80's on the holiday weekend. today. low 80's on the holiday weekend.
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i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my chi education. it's cool how the union makes it almo impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dcchers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at thanks, teachers unions.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a violent end to the hostage crisis in the heart of silver spring. we are learning more about the man at the center of this stand up. >> we welcome you back on this busy morning. it is thursday, september 2. i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. we are following the latest from
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hurricane earl this morning. adam caskey is tracking the storm live in ocean city. we will check in with him in a bit. we want to find out how things are shaping up on both road. -- with whether locally. the sun will rise in the metro area at about 6:37. temperatures are in the upper 60's to or 70's. we have clear skies across the region. hurricane earl is on the move and that will not impact of the immediate metro but we have a coastal flood watch in effect for the low lying areas like old town alexandria. mostly sunny and hot today, lope 90's and it will fall to the lower 60's tonight, in that 90's tomorrow. let's go to lisa baden for traffic. heading into the district
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using branch avenue, allow extra time because of police activity. we will go live to 395 with traffic out of the district with a new car wreck on the 14th street bridge. that is the outbound 14th street bridge. that is a tough ride leaving pennsylvania avenue to get to the pentagon. police searched the discovery channel building. the men held three people hostage yesterday until a police sniper shot and killed them. officers are still at the headquarters in silver spring making sure that area is say. coronate robinson is there with the latest. >> at this point, the discovery building has been cleared for the overnight, police turned up
6:33 am
a couple of backpacks. some items of belongs to james lee, the gunman in this situation very the bomb squad disrupted the disk -- devices. montgomery county police are still on the scene. the main lobby is still considered an act of crime scene. the rest of the building is open for it is unclear whether it will be open to employees today. all around 1:00 yesterday, james lee came into the building with a handgun, several items strapped to his body believed to be explosive devices and caring several items that were believed to be explosive devices. at one point, officers were on the phone with a negotiated by around 5:00, it appeared he was threatening one of three male hostages he had taken. that was when a sniper pulled the trigger killing him. one of the devices on his body appeared to go off when he was shot. this morning, it appears as if
6:34 am
everything is clear. that waynell you avenue in front of discovery headquarters is closed. one lane is closed between ramsey and georgia avenue. we want to less you know about some bus lines that have been diverted. the z8 bus at colesville road. discovery is expressing its gratitude to the emergency teams were they issued a statement saying that the discovery thinks montgomery county police and fire and rescue ensure the safety of the employees and children in the building as well as the silver spring community. you can only imagine the tense moments as employees evacuated the building. the pa was used to tell employees to leave but some employees were trapped in the upper floors.
6:35 am
a few volunteers volunteered to stay behind. >> we have security cameras all over the building and the lobby so we were able to watch this unfold in real time. it was hard to identify who the hostages were because they were faced down. law-enforcement took over the monitoring and of the of the camera and there were focused on the bonds and the shooter. >> babies and young children from the day care center were rushed to safety. they were taken to a mcdonald's across the street and later to an apartment building. stay with us all morning long for continuing coverage of the discovery channel gunman. we will take a closer look at the life of the man at the center of this standoff. we have the latest on hurricane earl per the east coast is getting ready as the storm moves north. virginia, maryland, north carolina are under a state of emergency.
6:36 am
officials are moving emergency teams and supplies as a precaution and tourists are being evacuated before the start of the labor day weekend the monster storm is almost 500 miles across. >> that is hard to believe. people on -- in ocean city are bracing for the effects of hurricane earl. we go live to ocean city. it is beautiful behind you. the sky looks gorgeous. >> these are the very outer clouds from hurricane earl perry the sun is starting to come up in ocean city. it is a pretty sight. this is the calm before the storm. nice conditions but still dangerous rip currents out in the water. many people are very concerned about this category four hurricane. hurricane earl's arrival is still many hours away but storm shutters are starting to come down and ocean city and a swimming advisory remains in
6:37 am
effect. out earlier and someone said your children are out to deep. >> in the outer banks of north carolina, mandatory evacuations for tourists, as many as 30,000 had to leave hatteras island. >> they kicked us out of the house this morning. >> a hurricane earl is a monster, a category 4 and is expected to pass within 60 or 80 miles of the outer banks. even a slight deviation in track could cause major problems for those on the coast. >> you could see watches and warnings moved up the east coast. that is why it is important for residents to have an evacuation plan ready to go if the evacuation orders are called for. >> in fact watches and warnings stretch from the carolinas to canada. you can see a server in the water here. the waves will get bigger but
6:38 am
the recurrence of are dangerous. they are encouraging people not to be out of the water. if you are coming out to the beaches in maryland for the labor day weekend, officials are saying to wait until hurricane earl passes through. do not come out on friday because they are expecting nasty conditions. tropical storm force winds can extend for miles and that is what they are bracing for preconditions will deteriorate. for now, it is a nice morning. thank you very much. keep us posted on any changes. it is 6:38 and we will be right back.
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♪ we are the d.c. roller girls. check out our web site with liberty and justice to roll. "good morning washington." temperatures today are in the low 90's. this will be update #59 of 90 or better and tomorrow could be day #56. we have an overnight low of 90 tomorrow and relief from the heat and humidity this weekend. saturday, sunday, and monday, lower 80's with evening lows in
6:42 am
the upper 50's. adam caskey will be back in a moment with an update on hurricane earl. let's look at the rush hour commute. north down 395 looks good until edsall road and to slow down until duke street. there is a car wreck 395 southbound on the virginia side on the 14th street bridge. southbound 395 on the 14th street bridge, only one lane is getting around that car wreck. to is 6:42 and a thursday morning. >> coming up, bp is under fire. we will tell you why their latest spending has been under the cross hairs. >> i am alive and silver spring. we had a scary situation yesterday and we are learning more about the
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what drove a man to keep three people hostage at the discovery channel and silver spring? police shot and killed by gunmen and the hostages were not heard. we are learning more about james j. lee and his history with the discovery channel. brianne carter continues our team coverage this morning. >> we are learning more about james j. lee and some we are learning through his writing on the internet. this is not his first time coming to discovery headquarters. on his myspace page, a photo with the caption "i am ready to do something." wednesday, he did creating a workplace nightmare for thousands.
6:46 am
he was no stranger to people at the discovery channel headquarters. in 2008, he was arrested for disorderly conduct after throwing fistfuls of cash into the air. and afterwards, he was ordered to stay 500 feet away from the building, an order that was lifted two weeks ago. wednesday, he returned. >> it is unbelievable. >> he was worried about the environment and overpopulation saying that the discovery program cause more harm than good bird he wrote a list of demands for the discovery channel saying nothing is more important than saving the lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants. the humans, the planet does not he need humans. this morning, we are learning new reports about a conversation that we may have had. we understand a producer from another news organization called discovery headquarters and a man identifying himself as james lee said he had a bomb
6:47 am
strapped to his body ready to go off. he said he has a device that if he drops said it will explode. it is 6:46 on this thursday morning. virginia residents will finally be able to get or renew driver'' licenses and buy the cars. computer problems at the dmv for one we are finally fed expert extra step will be on hand to deal with the backlog. dmv offices will reopen later today and tomorrow. pepco customers will get another chance to speak out about their performance recently. the maryland public service commission will hold another public service on pepco's reliability. this will begin at 6:00 p.m. at prince george's community college in largo. israeli and palestinian leaders will sit down today for their first direct talks in
6:48 am
nearly two years. president obama says he is cautiously hopeful that mideast leaders can resolve their differences. turning to the political minute, bp is under fire about how much it spends on recent ads. >> we are joined live with new information about bp. it sounds like we have learned that the peace that $94 million in just four months. >> that is just the end of july and it is still going. it has probably top $100 million and the cleanup will keep going for months. when you ask them about it, they point out it is a fraction of what they spend. they spent $1.6 billion on cleanup and have spent $100 million on advertising. some of it has been helpful. there have been advertisements that include help lines for people filing claims in louisiana, but a lot of it is geared to tamp down the opinion-
6:49 am
makers that bp is or isn't doing something. >> this course the amount that bp spent on advertising last year. >> the main reason is to shore up investors. bp is concerned about its dropping stock price. this shores of british bonds and mutual funds. the other thing is that they want to make sure there is not some sort of retribution legislatively from washington. i would say they are more concerned about that. what they say in terms of the cleanup is that they will have to pay that regardless. they want to cut out any future costs they may have to pay in terms of bad public relations. >> self preservation, for sure. good to see you as always. have a good day.
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6:49 is your time. let's get to traffic and weather. >> adam caskey is live in ocean city. first of all, it is a beautiful morning. look at this picture over my shoulder. this is a gorgeous sunrise. what we are seeing is those are the outer-clouds that spiral out words from the hurricanes and very far from the center of the storm. the center is near hatteras. in ocean city, we are getting a few of the outer cloud then. let's get the latest on this category 4 hurricane. maximum winds are 134 miles per hour. what we will expected ocean city, the tropical storm warning. that means tropical storm conditions would wind gusts over 50 miles per hour with a chance of wind gusts approaching
6:51 am
70 miles per hour here and there. i don't think that is, but it will be possible. that is why we have the hurricane watch in effect. also, later tonight and through the first half tomorrow, off and on rain bands moving on shore. heavy rain benz will come and go. you can see some people taking advantage of the large sir. they are not advising swimming. do not go in to anything over your knees. you always get servers out there trying to catch waves. that is the latest on hurricane earl which should brush the coastline later tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. we'll be live tomorrow morning. great weekend in-store at the bases and locally. read this guy's in the morning means sailors warning. reds guys at night means
6:52 am
sailor's delight. we will keep watching the storm. a beautiful day across the mid- atlantic. mostly sunny and hot and low 90's for daytime highs and tonight dropping down to the mid-60's and tomorrow could mark a day 59 of the 90 degree days. temperatures are in the lower 80's for the weekend. it has been a tough commute but settled down on 270 getting back to normal delays. an accident is gone in damascus on 27. everything is clear and church road. in virginia, 395 south has a crash on the 14th street bridge. traffic gets by to the right. we will be back with more in a moment.
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there are new developments after a gunman carrying explosives and a grudge against the discovery channel took three people hostage. >> police are still at the discovery communications building in silver spring. courtney robinson is live. >> there was a sweep overnight by the fire department bomb squad.
6:56 am
as part of that, they discovered several items. according to officers, they discovered a makeshift bomb which consisted of two very small propane canisters and wrapped in piping that contained a shotgun pellet. it had gone off, it would have acted as a grade sending shrapnel out. they discovered that and were able to disrupt some of these devices. we can tell you this morning that police are maintaining control of the main lobby at the discovery communications building. the rest of the building has been cleared and will be open to employees beginning at 10:00 but those employees will be able to go for the labor day holiday beginning at 1:00 today. at 6:56, one last look at traffic and weather. > everything is open on
6:57 am
route 80 urbana to get to 109. we go over to the weather center next. we go over to the weather center next.
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